Second Republic

Lerroux V

From: 03/04/1935
To: 05/05/1935

Prime Minister Alejandro Lerroux García PRR
Minister of State Juan José Rocha García PRR
Minister of Interior Manuel Portela Valladares INDEP.
Minister of Finance Alfredo Zabala Lafora PRP
Minister of Justice Vicente Carlos Figuerola PRR
Minister of War Carlos Masquelet Lacaci INDEP.
Minister of Marine Francisco Javier de Salas y González INDEP.
Minister of Health, Labour and Social Welfare Eloy Vaquero Cantillo PRR
Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts Ramón Prieto Bances INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture Juan José Benayas y Sánchez Cabecudo PRP
Minister of Industry and Trade Manuel Marraco Ramón PRR
Minister of Communications César Jalón Aragón PRR
Minister of Public Works Rafael Guerra del Río PRR

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