From: 28/07/1987
To: 12/04/1988

Prime Minister Giovanni Goria DC
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Treasury Guiliano Amato PSI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Guilio Andreotti DC
Minister of Internal Affairs Amintore Fanfani DC
Minister of Budget and Economic Program Emilio Colombo DC
Minister of Finance Antonio Gava DC
Minister of Justice Giuliano Vassali PSI
Minister of Defence Valerio Zanone PLI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Salvatore Formica PSI
Minister of Public Education Giovanni Galloni DC
Minister of Health Carlo Donat-Cattin DC
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Filippo Maria Pandolfi DC
Minister of Cultural and Environmental Goods Carlo Vizzini PSDI
Minister of Transport Calogero Mannino DC
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Adolgo Battaglia PRI
Minister of Foreign Trade Renato Ruggiero PSI
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Oscar Mammi PRI
Minister of Public Works Emilio De Rosa PSDI
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Franco Carraro PSI
Minister of Merchant Marine Giovanni Prandini DC
Minister of State Holdings Luigi Granelli DC
Minister of Environment Giorgio Ruffolo PSI
Minister without Portfolio Remo Gaspari DC
Minister without Portfolio Sergio Mattarella DC
Minister without Portfolio Carlo Tognoli PSI
Minister without Portfolio Antonio La Pergola PSDI
Minister without Portfolio Antonio Ruperti PSI
Minister without Portfolio Giorgio Santuz DC
Minister without Portfolio Aristide Gunnella PRI
Minister without Portfolio Rosa Russo Jervolino DC

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