Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Holkeri I

From: 30/04/1987
To: 27/08/1990

Prime Minister Harri Hermanni Holkeri KOK.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Taisto Kalevi Sorsa SDP
Minister of Council of State Ilkka Armas Mikael Kanerva KOK.
Minister of the Interior Jarmo Heikki Kullervo Rantanen SDP
Minsiter of Finance Erkii Antero Liikanen SDP
Minister of Justice Matti Kalevi Louekoski SDP
Minister of Defence Ole Johan Norrback RKP
Minister of Labour Matti Juhani Puhakka SDP
Minister of Education Lars Evald Christoffer Taxell RKP
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Anja Helena Pesola KOK.
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Toivo Toipas Pohjala KOK.
Minister of Culture Anna-Liisa Kasurinen SDP
Minister of Transport Pekka Veikko Vennamo SMP
Minister of Trade and Industry Ilkka Olavi Suominen KOK.
Minister of Foreign Trade Pertti Edvard Salolainen KOK.
Minister of Environment Kay-Ole Johannes Bärlund SDP
Minsiter of Social Services, Alcoholism and Gender Equality Tarja Kaarina Halonen SDP
Minister of Fiscal Policy Ulla Kaija Puolanne KOK.

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