Fifth Republic

Messmer I

From: 05/07/1972
To: 11/03/1973

Prime Minister Pierre Messmer UDR
Minister of State and Minister of National Defence Michel Debré UDR
Ministerof State and Minister of Social Affairs Edgar Faure UDR
Minister of Foreign Affairs Maurice Schumann UDR
Minister of Interior Raymond Marcellin FNRI
Minister of Economy and Finance Valéry Giscard d´Estaing FNRI
Minister of Justice René Pleven CDP
Minister of National Education Joseph Fontanet CDP
Minister of Public Health Jean Foyer UDR
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jacques Chirac UDR
Minister of Cultural Affairs Jacques Duhamel CDP
Minister of Transports Robert Galley UDR
Minister of Industrial and Scientific Development Jean Charbonnel UDR
Minister of Trade and Crafts Yvon Bourges UDR
Minister of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Planning Olivier Guichard UDR
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Hubert Germain UDR
Minister of Veterans and War Victims André Bord UDR
Delegate Minister of Foreign Affairs André Bettencourt FNRI
Delegate Minister of Nature Protection and Environment Robert Poujade UDR
Delegate Minister of Relations with the Parliament Robert Boulin UDR

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