Fifth Republic

Chirac I

From: 27/05/1974
To: 08/06/1974

Prime Minister Jacques Chirac UDR
Minister of State and Minister of Interior Michel Poniatowski FNRI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Sauvagnargues INDEP.
Minister of Economy and Finance Jean-Pierre Fourcade FNRI
Minister of Justice Jean Lecanuet CD
Minister of Defence Jacques Soufflet UDR
Minister of Labour Michel Durafour CR
Minister of National Education René Haby INDEP.
Minister of Health Simone Veil INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture Christian Bonnet FNRI
Minister of Infrastructure Robert Galley UDR
Minister of Industry and Research Michel d´Ornano FNRI
Minister of Trade and Crafts Vicent Ansquer UDR
Minister of Cooperation Pierre Abelin CD
Minsiter of Reforms Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber PRV
Minister of Quality of Life André Jarrot UDR

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