Fifth Republic

Barre II

From: 03/04/1978
To: 08/11/1979

Prime Minister Raymond Barre INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Luois de Guiringaud INDEP.
Minister of Interior Christian Bonnet PR
Minister of Economy and Finance René Monory CDS
Minister of Justice Alain Peyreffite RPR
Minister of Defence Yvon Bourges RPR
Minister of Labour and Participation Robert Boulin RPR
Minister of National Education Christian Beullac INDEP.
Minister of Universities Alice Saunier-Seité PR
Minister of Health and Family Simone Veil INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture Pierre Méhaignerie CDS
Minister of Culture and Communication Jean-Philippe Lecat INDEP.
Minister of Transports Joël Le Theule RPR
Minister of Industry André Giraud PR
Minister of Foreign Trade Jean-François Deniau PR
Minister of Trade and Crafts Jacques Barrot CDS
Minister of Environment and Quality of Life Michel d´Ornano PR
Minister of Cooperation Robert Galley RPR
Minister of the Budget Maurice Papon RPR

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