Fifth Republic

Chirac III

From: 20/03/1986
To: 27/09/1987

Prime Minister Jacques Chirac RPR
Minister of State and Minister of Economy, Finance and Privatization Édouard Balladur RPR
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Bernard Raimond INDEP.
Minister of Interior Charles Pasqua RPR
Minister of Justice Albin Chalandon RPR
Minister of Defence André Giraud PR
Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Philippe Séguin RPR
Minister of National Education René Monory CDS
Minister of Agriculture François Guillaume INDEP.
Minister of Culture and Communication François Léotard PR
Minister of Infrastructure, Housing, Territorial Planning and Transports Pierre Méhaignerie CDS
Minister of Industry, Posts, Telecommunications and Tourism Alain Madelin PR
Minister of Departments and Territories Overseas Bernard Pons RPR
Minister of Cooperation Michel Aurillac RPR
Minister of Relations with the Parliament André Rossinot PRV
Delegate Minister of Public Function and Planning Hervé de Charette PR
Delegate Minister of the Budget Alain Juppé RPR
Delegate Minister of Foreign Trade Michel Noir RPR
Delegate Minister of Privatization Camille Cabana RPR
Delegate Minister of Security Robert Pandraud RPR
Delegate Minister of Transports Jacques Douffiagues PR
Delegate Minister of Environment Alan Carignon RPR
Delegate Minister of Higher Education and Research Alain Devaquet RPR

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