Third Republic

Daladier IV

From: 12/04/1938
To: 12/09/1938

Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence and War Édouard Daladier PRRRS
Vice-Prime Minister Camille Chautemps PRRRS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Georges Bonnet PRRRS
Minister of Interior Albert Sarraut PRRRS
Minister of National Economy Raymond Patenôtre USR
Minister of Finance Paul Marchandeau PRRRS
Minister of Justice Paul Reynaud AD
Minister of Marine César Campinchi PRRRS
Minister of Air Guy La Chambre PRRRS
Minister of Labour Paul Ramadier USR
Minister of National Education Jean Zay PRRRS
Minister of Public Health Marc Rucart PRRRS
Minister of Agriculture Henri Queuille PRRRS
Minister of Trade Fernand Gentin PRRRS
Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Alfred Jules-Julien PRRRS
Minister of Public Works Ludovic-Oscard Frossard INDEP.
Minister of Colonies Georges Mandel IR
Minister of Merchant Marine Louis de Chappedeleine RI
Minister of Veterans and Pensions Auguste Champetier de Ribes PDP

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