Third Republic

Painlevé (war cabinet)

From: 12/09/1917
To: 13/11/1917

Prime Minister and Minister of War Paul Painlevé RSD
Minister of State Louis Barthou PRD
Minister of State Léon Bourgeois PRRRS
Minister of State Paul Doumer PRRRS
Minister of State Jean Dupuy PRD
Minister of State Henry Franklin-Bouillon PRRRS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Ribot PRD
Minister of Interior Théodore Steeg PRRRS
Minister of Finance Louis-Lucien Klotz PRRRS
Minister of Justice Raoul Péret RI
Minister of Marine Charles Chaumet PRD
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Léon Bourgeois PRRRS
Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts Daniel Vincent RSD
Minister of Agriculture Fernand David PRRRS
Minister of Trade, Industry, Posts and Telegraphs Étienne Clémentel PRRRS
Minister of Public Works and Transport Albert-André Claveille INDEP.
Minister of Colonies René Besnard PRRRS
Minister of Armaments and War Fabrications Louis Loucheur PRD

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