Second Republic

Hodza III

From: 21/07/1937
To: 18/03/1938

Prime Minister Milan Hodža RSZML
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamil Krofta INDEP.
Minister of Interior Josef Černý RSZML
Minister of Justice Ivan Dérer ČSDSD
Minister of National Defence František Machník RSZML
Minister of Social Welfare Jaromír Nečas ČSDSD
Minister of National Education Emil Franke ČSNS
Minister of Public Health and Physical Education Ludwig Czech DSAP
Minister of Agriculture Jozef Zadina RSZML
Minister of Railways Rudolf Bechyně ČSDSD
Minster of Industry and Trade Josef V. Najman ČŽOSS
Minister of Public Works Jan Dostálek ČSL
Minister of Posts and Telegraphs Alois Tučný ČSNS
Minister for the Unification of Laws and Org. Management Jan Šrámek ČSL
Minister without Portfolio Franz Spina BDL
Minister without Portfolio Erwin Zajicek DCVP

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