Second Republic

Klaus II

From: 19/04/1966
To: 01/03/1970

Chancellor Josef Klaus ÖVP
Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Fritz Bock ÖVP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lujo Toncic-Sorinj ÖVP
Minister of the Interior Franz Hetzenauer ÖVP
Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schmidt ÖVP
Minister of Justice Hans Klecatsky INDEP.
Minsiter of Defence Georg Prader ÖVP
Minister of Social Administration Grete Rehor ÖVP
Minister of Education Theodor Piffl-Percevic ÖVP
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Karl Schleinzer ÖVP
Minister of Transport and Business Ludwig Weiss ÖVP
Minister without Portfolio Vinzenz Kotzina ÖVP

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