Second Republic

Vranitzky II

From: 21/01/1987
To: 07/10/1990

Chancellor Franz Vranitzky SPÖ
Vice-chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Alois Mock ÖVP
Minister of the Interior Karl Blecha SPÖ
Minister of Transport and Public Economy Rudolf Streicher SPÖ
Minister of Finance Ferdinand Lacina SPÖ
Minister of Justice Egmont Foregger INDEP.
Minister of Defence Robert Lichal ÖVP
Minister of Social Administration Alfred Dallinger SPÖ
Minister of Education, Arts and Sport Hilde Hawlicek SPÖ
Minister of Science and Research Hans Tuppy ÖVP
Minister of Health and Public Service Franz Löschnak SPÖ
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Josef Riegel ÖVP
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Robert Graf ÖVP
Minister of Environment, Youth and Family Marilies Flemming ÖVP
Minister of Federalism and Administrative Reform Heinrich Neisser ÖVP

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