Kingdom of SHS

Pašić IV

From: 21/07/1921
To: 02/03/1922

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Pašić NRS
Minister for the Preparation of the Constitutional Assembly and Unification of Laws Mirko Trifković NRS
Minister of Justice Marko Djuricić NRS
Minister of Internal Affairs Svetozar Pribićević DS
Minister of Construction Jovan P. Jovanović NRS
Minister of Finance Kosta Kumanudi DS
Minister of Transport Nikola Uzunović NRS
Minister of Forests and Mines Milivoje Zećević INDEP.
Minister of Defence and Navy Stevan Hadžić INDEP.
Minister of Posts and Telegraphs Slavko Miletić NRS
Minister of Religious Affairs Milivoje Jovanović INDEP.
Minister of Agrarian Reform Krsta Miletic NRS
Minister of Social Policy Vjekoslav Kukovec DS
Minister of Public Health Hamdija Karamehmedovic JMO
Minister of Commerce and Industry Mehmed Spaho JMO
Minister of Agriculture and Water Ivan Pucelj SKS

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