Gerhardsen II

From: 05/11/1945
To: 10/10/1949

Prime Minister Einar Henry Gerhardsen A
Minister of Foreign Affairs Trygve Halvdan Lie A
Minister of Finance and Customs Erik Brofoss A
Minister of Justice and Police Oscar Christian Gundersen A
Minister of Defence Jens Christian Hauge A
Minister of Labour Nils Langhelle A
Minister of Church and Education Kaale Fostervoll A
Minister of Agriculture Kristian Fjeld A
Minister of Trade Lars Samuel Myhrer Evensen A
Minister of Social Affairs Sven Oftedal A
Minister of Provisioning and Reconstruction Oscar Fredrik Torp A
Minister without Portfolio Aaslaug Aasland A
Minister without Portfolio Reidar Carlsen A
Minister without Portfolio Peder Ragnar Holt A

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