Borten II

From: 09/09/1969
To: 15/03/1971

Prime Minister Per Borten SP
Minister of Foreign Affairs John Lyng H
Minister of Finance and Customs Ole Myrvoll V
Minister of Justice and Police Elisabeth Schweigaard Selmer H
Minister of Defence Otto Grieg Tidemand H
Minister of Local Government and Labour Helge Seip V
Minister of Church and Education Kjell Bondevik KRF
Minister of Agriculture Bjarne Lyngstad V
Minister of Transport and Communications Håkon Olai Kyllingmark H
Minister of Industry Sverre Walter Rostoft H
Minister of Trade Kåre Isaachsen Willoch H
Minister of Social Affairs Egil Aarvik KRF
Minister of Fisheries Oddmund Myklebust SP
Minister of Pay and Prices Dagfinn Vårvik SP
Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs Elsa Skjerven KRF

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