Willoch III

From: 12/06/1984
To: 08/09/1985

Prime Minister Kåre Isaachsen Willoch H
Minister of Foreign Affairs Svenn Thorkild Stray H
Minister of Finance and Customs Rolf Presthus H
Minister of Justice and Police Mona Røkke H
Minister of Defence Anders Christian Sjaastad H
Minister of Local Government and Labour Arne Rettedal H
Minister of Church and Education Kjell Magne Bondevik KRF
Minister of Agriculture Finn Trond Isaksen SP
Minister of Culture and Research Lars Roar Langslet H
Minister of Transport and Communications Johan Jakob Jacobsen SP
Minister of Industry Jan Peder Syse H
Minister of Trade and Shipping Asbjørn Haugstvedt KRF
Minister of Social Affairs Leif Arne Heløe H
Minister of Fisheries Thor Listau H
Minister of Government Administration and Consumer Affairs Astrid Gjertsen H
Minister of Environment Rakel Surlien SP
Minister of Petroleum and Energy Kåre Kristiansen KRF
Minister of International Development Reidun Brusletten KRF

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