From: 15/10/1989
To: 01/11/1990

Prime Minister Jan Peder Syse H
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kjell Magne Bondevik KRF
Minister of Finance and Customs Arne Skauge H
Minister of Justice and Police Else Bugge Fougner H
Minister of Defence Per Ditlev-Simonsen H
Minister of Local Government and Labour Johan Jakob Jakobsen SP
Minister of Church and Education Einar Steensnaes KRF
Minister of Agriculture Anne Petrea Vik SP
Minister of Culture and Science Eleonore Bjartveit KRF
Minister of Transport and Communications Lars Gunnar Lie KRF
Minister of Industry Petter Johan Thomassen H
Minister of Trade and Shipping Kaci Kullman Five H
Minister of Social Affairs Wenche Froqn Sellaeg H
Minister of Environment Kristin Hille Valla SP
Minister of Consumer Affairs Solveig Sollie KRF
Minister of Fisheries Svein Magnus Munkejord H
Minister of Development Cooperation Tom Eric Vraalsen SP
Minister of Petroleum and Energy Eivind Kristofer Reiten SP

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