Martí Petit III

From: 04/01/2016
To: 07/04/2019

Prime Minister Antoni Martí Petit DA
Minister of Foreign Affairs Gilbert Saboya Sunyé DA
Minister of Finances Jordi Cinca Mateos DA
Minister of Justice and Interior Xavier Espot Zamora INDEP.
Minister of Education and Superior Instruction Eric Jover Comas DA
Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability Sílvia Calvó Armengol DA
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Olga Gelabert Fàbrega DA
Minister of Public Administration, Transport and Telecommunications Jordi Alcobe Font DA
Minister of Tourism and Trade Francesc Camp Torres DA
Minister of Territorial Order Jordi Torres Falcó INDEP.

Please cite the following database as: Casal Bértoa, F. (2023): Database on WHO GOVERNS in Europe and beyond, PSGo. Available at: