Espot Zamora

From: 16/05/2019

Prime Minister Xavier Espot Zamora DA
Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Ubach Font DA
Minister of Economy and Enterprises Jordi Gallardo Fernàndez L'A
Minister of Finances Eric Jover Comas DA
Minister of Justice and Interior Josep Maria Rossell Pons CC
Minister of Social Affairs, Habitat and Youth Víctor Filloy Franco L'A
Minister of Education and Superior Instruction Ester Vilarrubla Escales DA
Minister of Health Joan Martínez Benazet DA
Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability Silvia Calvó Armengol DA
Minister of Culture and Sports Silvia Riva González DA
Minister of Public Function and Administrative Simplification Judith Pallarés Cortés L'A
Minister of Tourism Verònica Canals Riba L'A
Minister of Territorial Order Jordi Torres Falcó DA

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