Federal Republic of Germany

Adenauer IX

From: 14/12/1962
To: 11/10/1963

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer CDU
Vice-chancellor and Minister of Economy Ludwig Erhard INDEP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Gerhard Schröder CDU
Minister of the Interior Hermann Höcherl CSU
Minister of Finance Rolf Dahlgrün FDP
Minister of Justice Ewald Bucher FDP
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Theodor Blank CDU
Minister of Scientific Research Hans Lenz FDP
Minister of Health Elisabeth Schwarzhaupt CDU
Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Werner Schwarz CDU
Minister of Treasury Werner Dollinger CSU
Minister of Transport Hans-Christoph Seebohm CDU
Minister of Building Paul Lücke CDU
Minister of Post and Communications Richard Stücklen CSU
Minister of Family and Youth Affairs Bruno Heck CDU
Minister of Economic Cooperation Walter Scheel FDP
Minister of All-German Affairs Rainer Barzel CDU
Minister for Affairs of the Bundesrat and the Länder Alois Niederalt CSU
Minister of Displaced Persons, Refugees and War Victims Wolfgang Mischnick FDP
Minister of Special Tasks Heinrich Krone CDU

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