Federal Republic of Germany

Brandt I

From: 22/10/1969
To: 19/11/1972

Chancellor Willy Brandt SPD
Vice-chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Scheel FDP
Minister of the Interior Hans-Dietrich Genscher FDP
Minister of Economy Karl Schiller SPD
Minister of Finance Alexander Möller SPD
Minister of Justice Gerhard Jahn SPD
Minister of Defence Helmut Schmidt SPD
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Walter Arendt SPD
Minister of Education and Science Karl Leussink INDEP.
Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Josef Ertl FDP
Minister of Transport Georg Leber SPD
Minister of Planning and Housing Lauritz Lauritzen SPD
Minister of Post and Communications Käte Strobel SPD
Minister of Economic Cooperation Erhard Eppler SPD
Minister of Intra-German Relations Egon Franke SPD
Minister of Special Tasks Horst Ehmke SPD

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