Federal Republic of Germany

Kohl III

From: 12/03/1987
To: 02/12/1990

Chancellor Helmut Kohl CDU
Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hans-Dietrich Genscher FDP
Minister of the Interior Friedrich Zimmermann CSU
Minister of Economy Martin Bangemann FDP
Minister of Finance Gerhard Stoltenberg CDU
Minister of Justice Hans Arnold Engelhard FDP
Minister of Defence Manfred Wörner CDU
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Norbert Blüm CDU
Minister of Education and Science Jürgen Wilhelm Möllemann FDP
Minister of Youth, Family and Health Rita Süssmuth CDU
Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Ignaz Kiechle CSU
Minister of Transport Jürgen Warnke CSU
Minister of Planning, Building and Urban Development Oscar Schneider CSU
Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Security Walter Wallmann CDU
Minister of Research and Technology Heinz Riesenhuber CDU
Minister of Posts and Communications Christian Schwarz-Schilling CDU
Minister of Economic Cooperation Hans Klein CSU
Minister of Intra-German Relations Dorothee Wilms CDU
Minister of Special Tasks Wolfgang Schäuble CDU

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