Second Hellenic Republic

Tsaldaris V

From: 20/03/1935
To: 09/06/1935

Prime Minister Panagiotis Tsaldaris LK
Minister of Interior Perikles Rallis LK
Minister of National Economy Stefanos Stefanopoulos LK
Minister of Finance Georgios Pesmazoglou LK
Minister of Justice Georgios Chloros LK
Minister of War Georgios Kondylis ERK
Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Dimitrios Chatziskos LK
Minister of State, Hygiene and Perception Michail Kyrkos LK
Minister of Agriculture Ioannis Theotokis LK
Minister of Communications Petros Rallis LK
Minister of Marine Sofoklis Dousmanis INDEP.
Minister General Governor of Macedonia Miltiadis Mantas LK
Minister General Governor of Crete Ilias Aposkitis ERK
Minister General Governor of Thrace Dimitrios Lontos LK
Minister General Governor of Epirus Spyridon Trikoupis LK
Minister of Aviation Georgios Schinas LK

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