Second Hellenic Republic

Kondylis (authoritarian)

From: 10/10/1935
To: 29/11/1935

Prime Minister and Minister of Marine Georgios Kondylis -
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Theotakis -
Minister of Interior Georgios Schinas -
Minister of National Economy Nikolaos Darveris -
Minister of Finance Athanasios Papathanasis -
Minister of Justice Dimitrios Giannopoulos -
Minister of War Alexandros Papagos -
Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Theodoros Tourkovassilis -
Minister of State, Hygiene and Perception Antonios Athinogenis -
Minister of Agriculture Georgios Chloros -
Minister of Transport Petros Machromichalis -
Minister of Aviation Petros Nikolaides -
Minister General Governor of Macedonia Miltiadis Mantas -
Minister General Governorn of Crete Georgios Tsontos-Vardas -
Minister General Governor of Thrace Georgios Argyropoulos -
Minister General Governor of Epirus Agamemnon Sliman -

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