Second Hellenic Republic

Demertzis II

From: 14/03/1936
To: 12/04/1936

Prime Minister Konstantinos Demertzis INDEP.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of War Ioannis Metaxas KE
Minister of Interior Georgios Logothetis INDEP.
Minister of National Economy Panagiotis Dekazos INDEP.
Minister of Finance Georgios Mantzavinos INDEP.
Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Nikolaos Louvaris INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture Antonios Benakis INDEP.
Minister of Communications Angelos Oikonomou INDEP.
Minister of Marine Stefanos Paparrigopoulos INDEP.
Minister General Governor of Macedonia Konstantinos Rallis INDEP.
Minister General Governor of Thrace Athanasios Souliotis INDEP.
Minister General Governor of Epirus Charilaos Panagiotakos INDEP.

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