Third Hellenic Republic

K. Mitsotakis

From: 11/04/1990
To: 10/10/1993

Prime Minister and Minister of Merchant Marine Konstatinos Mitsotakis ND
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Athanasios Kanellopoulos ND
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Tzannis Tzannetakis ND
Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonis Samaras ND
Minister of the Interior Sotiris Kouvelas ND
Minister of National Economy Georgios Souflias ND
Minister of Finance Ioannis Paleokrassas ND
Minister of National Defence Ioannis Varvitsiotis ND
Minister of Labour Ariteidis Kalantzakos ND
Minister of Education and Religion Vasilis Kontogiannopoulos ND
Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Security Marietta Giannakou ND
Minister of Agriculture Michalis Papakonstantinou ND
Minister of Public Order Ioannis Vasileiadis ND
Minister of Transport and Communications Nikos Gelestathis ND
Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology Stavros Dimas ND
Minister of Trade Athanasios Xarchas ND
Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Public Works Stefanos Manos ND
Minister of Tourism Georgios Soufilias ND
Minister of Macedonia and Trace Georgios Tzitzikostas ND
Minister of Aegean Georgios Misanlidis ND
Minister to the Prime Minister Miltiadis Evert ND
Minister without Portfolio Mikis Theodorakis ND

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