Third Hellenic Republic


From: 28/08/2015
To: 19/09/2015

Prime Minister Vassiliki Thanou-Christophilou -
Minister of Foreign Affairs Petros Molyviatis -
Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Antonis Manitakis -
Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism Nikos Christodoulakis -
Minister of Finance Giorgios Houliarakis -
Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Dimitris Papangelopoulos -
Minister of National Defence Ioannis Giangos -
Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity Dimitris Moustakas -
Minister of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs Frosso Kiaou -
Minister of Health and Social Security Athanasious Dimopoulos -
Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Ioannis Golias -

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