Kingdom of Greece (post-WWII)

Tsaldaris I

From: 18/04/1946
To: 23/01/1947

Prime Minister Konstantinos Tsaldaris LK
Deputy Prime Minister Georgios Paravantis LK
Minister of the Interior Ioannis Theotokis LK
Minister of National Economy Apostolos Alexandris MK
Minister of Economic Co-ordination Stefanos Stefanopoulos LK
Minister of Finance Dimitrios Helmis LK
Minister of Justice Panagiotis Hatzipanos LK
Minister of War, Marine and Air Petros Mavromichalis LK
Minister of Labour Andreas Stratos LK
Minister of Social Welfare Georgios Lazanas LK
Minister of National Education Antonios Papadimos LK
Minister of Hygiene Alexandros Kalantzakos LK
Minister of Agriculture Athanasios Papathanasis LK
Minister of Public Order Spyridon Theotokis LK
Minister of Transport Dimitrios Papadimitriou EFK
Minister of Supply Dimitrios Stefanopoulos LK
Minister of Public Works Stylianos Gonatas EFK
Minister of Merchant Marine Nikolaos Avraam EFK
Minister of Post, Telegraph and Telephone Athanasios Perrotis EFK

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