Kingdom of Greece (post-WWII)

Maximos (ad interim)

From: 24/01/1947
To: 28/08/1947

Prime Minister Dimitrios Maximos LK
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Political Co-ordination Konstantinos Tsaldaris LK
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of War Sofoklis Venizelos KVF
Minister of the Interior and Merchant Marine Apostolos Alexandris MK
Minister of National Economy Georgios Papandreou DSKE
Minister of Marine Panatiotis Kanellopoulos EEK
Minister of Air Themistoklis Tsatsos LK
Minister of Social Welfare Filippos Manouilidis INDEP.
Minister of Hygiene Mihail Kotsianos LK
Minister of Agriculture Athanasios Papathanasis LK
Minister of Public Works Stylianos Gonatas EFK
Minister without Portfolio Napoleon Zervas EKE

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