Third Hellenic Republic

Grivas (caretaker)

From: 12/10/1989
To: 05/11/1989

Prime Minister Ioannis Grivas -
Minister of Foreign Affairs Georgios Papoulias -
Minister of the Interior Vassileios Skouris -
Minister of National Economy and Tourism Giorgos Kodogeorgis -
Minister of Finance Giorgos Agapitos -
Minister of Justice Konstantinos Stamatis -
Minister of National Defence Theodoros Degiannis -
Minister of Labour Giannis Koukiadis -
Minister of Education and Religion Konstantinos Despotopoulos -
Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Security Georgios Merikas -
Minister of Agriculture Giannis Liapis -
Minister of Culture Giorgos Mylonas -
Minister of Public Order Dimitrios Manikas -
Minister of Transport and Communications Georgios Noutsopoulos -
Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology Pavlos Sakellaridis -
Minister of Trade Theodoros Gamaletsos -
Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Public Works Konstantinos Liaskas -
Minister of Merchant Marine Nikolaos Pappas -
Minister of Macedonia and Trace Ioannis Deligiannis -
Minister of Aegean Antonios Fousas -
Minister to the Prime Minister Nikolaos Themelis -

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