Kingdom/Republic of Finland (post-WWI)


From: 17/12/1927
To: 21/12/1928

Prime Minister Juho Emil Sunila ML
Minister of Foreign Affairs Johan Hjalmar Fredrik Procopé INDEP.
Minister of Interior Matti Aura INDEP.
Minister of Finance Juho Niukkanen ML
Minister of Justice Torsten Henrik Malinen INDEP.
Minister of Defence Jalo Toivo Lahdensuo ML
Minister of Social Affairs Kalle Aukusti Lohi ML
Minister of Education Antti Kukkonen ML
Minister of Agriculture Kaarle Sigurd Mattsson ML
Minister of Transport and Public Works Eemil Hynninen ML
Minister of Trade and Industry Pekka Ville Heikkinen ML
(Delegate) Minister of Agriculture Vihtori Vesterinen ML
Minister without Portfolio Kalle Teodor Jutila ML

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