De Gasperi II

From: 27/01/1950
To: 19/07/1951

Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi DC
Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Sforza PRI
Minister of Internal Affairs Mario Scelba DC
Minister of Finance Ezio Vanoni DC
Minister of Justice Attilio Piccioni DC
Minister of Defence Randolfo Pacciardi PRI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Achille Marazza DC
Minister of Public Education Guido Gonella DC
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Antonio Segni DC
Minister of Treasury Giuseppe Pella DC
Minister of Transport Ludovico d´Aragona PSLI
Minister of Industry and Trade Giuseppe Togni DC
Minister of Foreign Trade Ivan Matteo Lombardo PSLI
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Giuseppe Spataro DC
Minister of Public Works Salvatore Aldisio DC
Minister of Merchant Marine Alberto Simonini PSLI
Minister without Portfolio Pietro Campili DC
Minister without Portfolio Ugo La Malfa PRI
Minister without Portfolio Rafaele Petrilli DC

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