From: 10/02/1954
To: 02/07/1955

Prime Minister Mario Scelba DC
Deputy Prime Minister Giuseppe Saragat PSDI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Attilio Piccioni DC
Minister of Budget and Economic Program Ezio Vanoni DC
Minister of Finance Roberto Tremelloni PSDI
Minister of Justice Michele De Pietro DC
Minister of Defence Paolo Emilio Taviani DC
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Ezio Vigorelli PSDI
Minister of Public Education Gaetano Martino PLI
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Giuseppe Medici DC
Minister of Treasury Silvio Gava DC
Minister of Transport Bernardo Mattarella DC
Minister of Industry and Trade Bruno Villabruna PLI
Minister of Foreign Trade Mario Martinelli DC
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Gennaro Cassiani DC
Minister of Public Works Giuseppe Romita PSDI
Minister of Merchant Marine Fernando Tambroni DC
Minister without Portfolio Pietro Campilli DC
Minister without Portfolio Umberto Tupini DC
Minister without Portfolio Giovanni Ponti DC
Minister without Portfolio Raffaele de Caro PLI

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