Moro II

From: 23/11/1974
To: 11/02/1976

Prime Minister Aldo Moro DC
Deputy Prime Minister Ugo La Malfa PRI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariano Rumor DC
Minister of Internal Affairs Luigi Gui DC
Minister of Budget and Economic Program Giulio Andreotti DC
Minister of Finance Bruno Visentini PRI
Minister of Justice Oronzo Reale PRI
Minister of Defence Arnaldo Forlani DC
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Antonino Gullotti DC
Minister of Public Education Franco Maria Malfatti DC
Minister of Health Mario Toros DC
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Giovanni Marcora DC
Minister of Cultural and Environmental Goods Giovanni Spadolini PRI
Minister of Treasury Emilio Colombo DC
Minister of Transport Mario Martinelli DC
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Carlo Donat-Cattin DC
Minister of Foreign Trade Ciriaco De Mita DC
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Guilio Orlando DC
Minister of Public Works Pietro Bucalossi PRI
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Adolfo Sarti DC
Minister of Merchant Marine Giovanni Gioia DC
Minister of State Holdings Antonio Bisaglia DC
Minister without Portfolio Mario Pedini DC
Minister without Portfolio Francesco Cossiga DC
Minister without Portfolio Tommaso Morlino DC

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