Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Paaksikivi II

From: 17/07/1945
To: 09/03/1946

Prime Minister Juho Kusti Paasikivi INDEP.
Minister of Council of State and Minister of Defence Mauno Pekkala SKDL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Johan Alexis Enckell INDEP.
Minister of Interior Yrjö Kaarlo Leino SKDL
Minister of Finance Ralf Johan Gustav Törngren RKP
Minister of Justice Urho Kaleva Kekkonen ML
Minister of Social Affairs Eino Juho Kilpi SDP
Minister of Education Johan Helo SKDL
Minister of Agriculture Kalle Teodor Jutila ML
Minister of Transport and Public Works Eero Aarne Wuori SDP
Minister of Trade and Industry Åke Henrik Gartz INDEP.
Minister of Supply Kaarlo Henrik Hillilä ML
(Delegate) Minister of Foreign Affairs Reinhold Kostantin Svento SKDL
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Onni Alfred Hiltunen SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Social Affairs Matti Janhunen SKDL
(Delegate) Minister of Agriculture Eemil Vihtori Luukka ML
(Delegate) Minister of Transport and Public Works Yrjö Aleksanteri Murto SKDL
(Delegate) Minister of Trade and Industry Uuno Kristian Takki SDP

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