From: 28/06/1981
To: 30/11/1982

Prime Minister Giovanni Spadolini PRI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Emilio Colombo DC
Minister of Internal Affairs Virginio Rognoni DC
Minister of Budget and Economic Program Giorgio La Malfa PRI
Minister of Finance Salvatore Formica PSI
Minister of Justice Clelio Darida DC
Minister of Defence Lelio Lagorio PSI
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Michele Di Giesi PSDI
Minister of Public Education Guido Bodrato DC
Minister of Health Renato Altissimo PLI
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Giuseppe Bartolomei DC
Minister of Cultural and Environmental Goods Vincenzo Scotti DC
Minister of Treasury Beniamino Andreatta DC
Minister of Transport Vincenzo Balzamo PSI
Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts Giovanni Marcora DC
Minister of Foreign Trade Nicola Capria PSI
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Remo Gaspari DC
Minister of Public Works Franco Nicolazzi PSDI
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Nicola Signorello DC
Minister of Merchant Marine Calogero Mannino DC
Minister of State Holdings Gianni De Michelis PSI
Minister without Portfolio Claudio Signorile PSI
Minister without Portfolio Luciano Radi DC
Minister without Portfolio Dante Schietroma PSDI
Minister without Portfolio Gustavo Abis DC
Minister without Portfolio Giancarlo Tesini DC
Minister without Portfolio Aldo Aniasi PSI
Minister without Portfolio Giuseppe Zamberletti DC

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