Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Kekkonen III

From: 20/09/1951
To: 08/07/1953

Prime Minister Urho Kalevva Kekkonen ML
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sakari Severi Tuomioja INDEP.
Minister of Interior Vieno Johannes Sukselainen ML
Minister of Finance Viljo Johannes Rantala SDP
Minister of Defence Emil Albert Skog SDP
Minister of Social Affairs Ralf Johan Gustav Törngren RKP
Minister of Education Reino Henrik Oittinen SDP
Minister of Agriculture Martti Juhani Miettunen ML
Minister of Transport and Public Works Onni Evert Peltonen SDP
Minister of Trade and Industry Penna Tervo SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Matti Nikolai Miikki ML
(Delegate) Minister of Social Affairs Eemil Huunonen SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Social Affairs (II) Lauri Nikolai Murtomaa ML
(Delegate) Minister of Agriculture Leevi Matti Lepistö SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Agriculture (II) Eemil Vihtori Luukka ML
(Delegate) Minister of Transport and Public Works (II) Kauno Antero Kleemola ML

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