Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Fagerholm II

From: 03/03/1956
To: 16/05/1957

Prime Minister Karl-August Fagerholm SDP
Minister of Council of State and Minister of Education Johannes Virolainen ML
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ralf Johan Gustav Törngren RKP
Minister of Finance Aarre Edvard Simonen SDP
Minister of Justice Vilho Ferdinand Valdemar Väyrynen SDP
Minister of Defence Emil Albert Skog SDP
Minister of Social Affairs Eino Armas Saari SK
Minister of Agriculture Martti Juhani Miettunen ML
Minister of Transport and Public Works Eino Oskari Palovesi ML
Minister of Trade and Industry Kauno Antero Kleemola ML
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Mauno Nikolai Jussila ML
(Delegate) Minister of Social Affairs Tyyne Lilja Leivo-Larsson SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Agriculture Veikko Vennamo ML
(Delegate) Minister of Transport and Public Works Johannes Tiainen SDP

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