Pierlot III (national union)

From: 03/09/1939
To: 23/05/1940

Prime Minister Hubert Pierlot KP
Deputy Prime Minister Hendrik de Man BWP
Minisrter of Foreign Affairs Paul-Henri Spaak BWP
Minister of Interior Albert Devèze LP
Minister of Economic Affairs and Middle Class Gustave Sap KP
Minister of Finance Camille Gutt INDEP.
Minister of Justice Eugène Soudan BWP
Minister of Defence Henri Jean Denis INDEP.
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare August Balthazar BWP
Minister of Public Works Arthur Vanderpoorten LP
Minister of Public Education Jules Duesberg INDEP.
Minister of Public Health Marcel-Henri Jaspar LP
Minister of Agriculture Charles d´Aspremont Lynden KP
Minister of Transport Hendrik Marck KP
Minister of Colonies Albert de Vleesschauwer KP
Minister of Fuel !!! TO SEE Antoine Delfosse KP
Minister of National Information Arthur Wauters BWP
Minister without Portfolio Paul-Émile Janson LP

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