Pierlot V (national union)

From: 27/09/1944
To: 15/11/1944

Prime Minister Hubert Pierlot KP
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Paul-Henri Spaak BWP
Minister of Interior Edmond Ronse KP
Minister of Economic Affairs Jules Delruelle INDEP.
Minister of Finance Camille Gutt INDEP.
Minister of Justice Maurice Verbaet KP
Minister of Defence Fernand Demets LP
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Achille Van Acker BWP
Minister of Public Education Victor de Laveleye LP
Minister of Public Health Albert Marteaux KPB
Minister of Agriculture Henri de la Barre d'Erquelinnes KP
Minister of Public Works Herman Vos BWP
Minister of Communication Ernest Rongvaux BWP
Minister of Colonies Albert de Vleeschauwer KP
Minister of Provisioning Léon Delsinne INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio August De Schryver KP
Minister without Portfolio Charles De Visscher INDEP.
Minister without Portfolio Raymond Dispy KPB
Minister without Portfolio Fernand Demany KPB

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