From: 28/07/1965
To: 11/02/1966

Prime Minister Pierre Harmel CVP
Deputy Prime Minister Antoon Spinoy PSB
Deputy Prime Minister Paul-Willem Segers CVP
Deputy Prime Minister Edmond Leburton PSB
Minister of Foreign Affairs Paul-Henri Spaak PSB
Minister of Interior Alfons Vranckx PSB
Minister of Economic Affairs Marc-Antoine Pierson PSB
Minister of Finance Gaston Eyskens CVP
Minister of Justice Pierre Wigny CVP
Minister of Defence Ludovic Moyersoen CVP
Minister of Employment and Labour Léon Servais CVP
Minister of National Education Fernand Dehousse PSB
Minister of Public Health Alfred Bertrand CVP
Minister of Agriculture Charles Héger CVP
Minister of Public Works Jos De Saeger CVP
Minister of Family and Housing Marguerite De Riemaecker-Legot CVP
Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Edouard Anseele PSB
Minister of Communications Yves Urbain CVP
Minister of Social Welfare Hervé Brouhon PSB
Minister of Middle Class Adhémar d´Alcantara CVP

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