Martens I

From: 03/04/1979
To: 16/01/1980

Prime Minister Wilfried Martens CVP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs Willy Claes SP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Paul Vande Boeynants PSC
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Budget Guy Spitaels PS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Henri Simonet PS
Minister of Interior and Institutional Reforms Georges Gramme PSC
Minister of Finance Gaston Geens CVP
Minister of Justice Renaat Van Elslande CVP
Minister of Employment and Labour Roger De Wulf SP
Minister of National Education Jef Ramaekers SP
Minister of National Education Jacques Hoyaux PS
Minister of Public Health and Environment Luc Dhoore CVP
Minister of Agriculture and Middle Class Albert Lavens CVP
Minister of Foreign Trade and Scientific Policy Lucien Outers FDF
Minister of Communications Jos Chabert CVP
Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Robert Urbain PS
Minister of Social Welfare and Pensions Alfred Califice PSC
Minister of Public Works Guy Mathot PS
Minister of Dutch Community Affairs Rika De Backer CVP
Minister of Wallonian Affairs Jean-Maurice Dehousse PS
Minister of Flemish Affairs Marc Galle SP
Minister of French Communit Affairs Michel Hansenne PSC
Minister of Development Mark Eyskens CVP
Minister of Civil Service and Institutional Reforms Willy Calewaert SP
Minister of Brussels Affairs Léon Defosset FDF

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