Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Koivisto I

From: 22/03/1968
To: 16/03/1970

Prime Minister Mauno Henrik Koivisto SDP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Johannes Virolainen KESK
Minister of Council of State Jussi Linnamo SDP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahti Kalle Samuli Karjalainen KESK
Minister of Interior Onni Antero Väyrynen SDP
Minister of Finance Eino Albin Raunio SDP
Minister of Justice Aarre Edvard Simonen TPSL
Minister of Defence Sulo Elias Suorttanen KESK
Minister of Social Affairs Anna-Liisa Tiekso SKDL
Minister of Agriculture Martti Juhani Miettunen KESK
Minister of Transport and Public Works Paavo Johannes Aitio SKDL
Minister of Trade and Industry Grels Olof Teir RKP
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Ele Allan Alenius SKDL
(Delegate) Minister of Transport and Public Works Viljo Artturi Virtanen SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Trade and Industry Väinö Olavi Leskinen SDP

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