Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Aura II (caretaker)

From: 29/10/1971
To: 03/01/1972

Prime Minister Teuvo Ensio Aura -
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Olli Päiviö Hetemäki -
Minister of Foreign Affairs Olavi Johannes Mattila -
Minister of Interior Heikki Aukusti Tuominen -
Minister of Justice Karl Johan Lång -
Minister of Defence Arvo Veikko Pentti -
Minister of Labour Keijo Antero Liinamaa -
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Alli Kyllikki Lahtinen -
Minister of Education Matti Kalevi Louekoski -
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vilho Samuli Suomela -
Minister of Transport Esa Elias Timonen -
Minister of Trade and Industry Gunnar Aleksander Korhonen -
(Delegate) Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry Taru Reino Kai Rossi -
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Jorma Armas Erkki Uitto -
(Delegate) Minister of Education Jouko Juhani Tyyri -

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