Racan III

From: 30/07/2002
To: 23/11/2003

Prime Minister Ivica Račan SDP
Deputy Prime Minister Goran Granić LIBRA
Deputy Prime Minister Ante Simonić HSS
Deputy Prime Minister Slavko Linić SDP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Željka Antunović SDP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tonino Picula SDP
Minister of the Interior Šime Lučin SDP
Minister of Economy Ljubo Jurčić INDEP.
Minister of Finance Mato Crkvenac SDP
Minister of Justice, Public Administration and Local Self-government Ingrid Antičević-Marinovć SDP
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Davorko Vidović SDP
Minister of Education and Sports Vladimir Strugar HSS
Minister of Science and Technology Gvozden Srećko Flego INDEP.
Minister of Health Andro Vlahušić LIBRA
Minister of Agriculture and Forest Management Božidar Pankretić HSS
Minister of Culture Antun Vujić SDP
Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications Roland Žuvanić LIBRA
Minister of Environmental Protection and Physical Plannig Božo Kovačević LS
Minister for European Integration Nevem Mimica INDEP.
Minister of Tourism Pave Župan-Rusković INDEP.
Minister of Veterans´ Affairs Ivan Pančić SDP
Minister for Crafts, Small and Mid-sized Enterpreneurship Željko Pecek HSS
Minister of Public Works, Construction and Reconstruction Radimir Čačić HNS
Minister without Portfolio Gordana Sobol SDP

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