From: 23/12/2011
To: 08/11/2015

Prime Minister Zoran Milanović SDP
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Radimir Čačić HNS
Deputy Prime Minister Nemem Mimica SDP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development Branko Grčić SDP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Milanka Opačić SDP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Vesna Pusić HNS
Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojić SDP
Minister of Finance Slavko Linić SDP
Minister of Justice Orsat Miljenić INDEP.
Minister of Defence Ante Kotromanović SDP
Minister of Labour and Pension System Mirando Mrsić SDP
Minister of Science, Education and Sport Željko Jovanović SDP
Minister of Health Rajko Ostojić SDP
Minister of Agriculture Tihomir Jakovina SDP
Minister of Culture Andrea Zlatar-Violić HNS
Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure Zlatko Komadina SDP
Minister of Environmental and Nature Protection Mirela Holy SDP
Minister of Public Administration Arsen Bauk SDP
Minister of Tourism Veljko Ostojić IDS
Minister of Veterans´ Affairs Pregrag Matić INDEP.
Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts Gordan Maras SDP
Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning Ivan Vrdoljak HNS

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