Republic of Finland (post-WWII)

Miettunen II

From: 30/11/1975
To: 28/09/1976

Prime Minister Martti Juhani Miettunen KESK
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Taisto Kalevi Sorsa SDP
Minister at Council of State Reino Karpola KESK
Minister of Interior Paavo Herman Tiilikainen SDP
Minister of Finance Paul Paavela SDP
Minister of Justice Lars Olof Kristian Gestrin RKP
Minister of Defence Ingvar Selimson Melin RKP
Minister of Labour Paavo Johannes Aitio SKDL
Minister of Education Paavo Matti Väyrynen KESK
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Irma Hellin Toivanen LK
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Heimo Immanuel Linna KESK
Minister of Transport Kauko Kustaa Hjerppe SKDL
Minister of Trade and Industry Eero Yrjö Juhani Rantala SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Interior Mauno Olavi Hänninen SKDL
(Delegate) Minister of Finance Viljo Johannes Luukka INDEP.
(Delegate) Minister of Social Affairs and Health Pirkko Annikki Työläjärvi SDP
(Delegate) Minister of Education Kalevi Johannes Kivistö SKDL

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