Dehaene II

From: 23/06/1995
To: 13/06/1999

Prime Minister Jean-Luc Joseph Marie Dehaene CVP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Johan Van De Lanotte SP
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Telecommunications Elio Di Rupo PS
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Melchior Wathelet PSC
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Budget Herman Van Rompuy CVP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Eric A.N. Derycke SP
Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade Philippe Maystadt PSC
Minister of Justice Stefaan Maria Joris Yolanda De Clerck CVP
Minister of Employment and Labour Maria Bertha Petrus Smet CVP
Minister of Scientific Research Yvan Ylieff PS
Minister of Pensions and Health Marcel Colla SP
Minister of Agriculture Karel Alfons Hugo Arnold Maria Pinxten CVP
Minister of Transport Michel Jules Daerden PS
Minister of Social Affairs Madga C.A.M. De Galan PS
Minister of Civil Service André Flahaut PS
Minister of Development Reginald Moreels CVP

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