Verhofstadt III

From: 18/07/2004
To: 10/06/2007

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt VLD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Patrick Ivonne Hugo Dewael VLD
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Didier J.L. Reynders MR
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Laurette Onkenlinx PS
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Budget and Public Enterprises Johan Vande Lanotte SP.A
Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Lodewijk Georgette Emmerence De Gucht VLD
Minister of Economy, Energy, Foreign Trade and Scientific Research Marc Verwilghen VLD
Minister of Defence André Flahaut PS
Minister of Employment Freya Van den Bossche SP.A
Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health Rudy Willy Georges Demotte PS
Minister of Middle Class and Agriculture Sabine N.G.J.J. Laurelle MR
Minister of Environment and Pensions Bruno Tobback SP.A
Minister of Development Cooperation Armand J.B. De Decker MR
Minister of Mobility Rennat G. Julien Landuyt SP.A
Minister of Civil Service, Integration, Large Cities and Equal Opportunities Christian Dupont PS

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