Fifth Republic

Bérégovoy II

From: 02/10/1992
To: 28/03/1993

Prime Minister Pierre Bérégovoy PS
Minister of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs Roland Dumas PS
Minister of State and Minister of National Education and Culture Jack Lang PS
Minister of State and Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform Michel Delebarre PS
Minister of Interior and Public Security Paul Quilès PS
Minister of Economy and Finance Michel Sapin PS
Minister of Justice Michel Vauzelle PS
Minister of Defence Pierre Joxe PS
Minister of Labour, Employment and Professional Formation Martine Aubry INDEP.
Minister of Research and Space Hubert Curien PS
Minister of Health and Humanitarian Action Bernard Kouchner INDEP.
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jean-Pierre Soisson FU
Minister of Infraestructure, Housing and Transports Jean-Louis Bianco INDEP.
Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Dominique Strauss-Kahn PS
Minister of Environment Ségolène Royal PS
Minister of Youth and Sports Frédérique Bredin PS
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Émile Zucarelli MRG
Minister of Social Affairs and Integration René Teulade INDEP.
Minister of the Budget Martin Malvy PS
Minister of Departments and Territories Overseas Louis Le Pensec PS
Minister of Relations with the Parliament Louis Mermaz PS
Delegate Minister of European Affairs Élisabeth Guigou PS
Delegate Minister of Foreign Affairs Georges Kiejman INDEP.
Delegate Minister of Cooperation and Development Marcel Debarge PS
Delegate Minister of Trade and Handicrafts Gilbert Baumet FU
Delegate Minister of Housing and Living Environment Marie-Noëlle Lienemann PS
Delegate Minister of Tourism Jean-Michel Baylet MRG
Delagate Minister of Foreign Trade Bruno Durieux UDC
Delegate Minister of Tourism André Billardon PS

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